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iWIDGET newsletter - Issue 2

Download the iWIDGET newsletter (Issue 2) here.

ICT4WATER: working together for a sustainable future

Due to growing population and economy, seasonal climatic conditions have changed, including extreme events as floods and droughts. This affects as a whole the availability of water resources at world level. ICT and water efficiency is a key policy issue with potential for new research area that includes decision supporting system for the measurement of water quality and quantity including the recycling and water reuse processes. This necessitates increased interoperability between water information systems at EU and national levels and efficiency of water resources management.

ICT4WATER is a cluster of ICT and water management projects, all co-funded by the European Commission. Our common goal is to increase efficiency in water management and enable greater cooperation among water regulators, operators and users by deploying solutions provided by Information and Communication.

If you want to know more about the ICT4WATER cluster and the projects involved please click here.

iWIDGET at the SIPE final conference

The final conference for SIPE (an environmental Standards Information Portal for Europe) was held on June 17th in Brussels.

iWIDGET was represented here as one of the main tasks for the iWIDGET project is to identify and define standards that will facilitate the development of ICT and smart water technologies.

The SIPE-RTD Web Portal offers information on Standards, interlinked with Research projects and results and with Policies in the environmental compartments Water & Marine, Air, Waste & Sludge, Soil & Sediments. The conference’s main goal was the official launch of the SIPE-RTD Web Portal, showing its potential in knowledge brokering with respect to Standards development and implementation.

For more information about this conference or the SIPE project, visit their website :

iWIDGET at the 3rd Smart Water Conference

Professor Savic gave an invited presentation on the iWIDGET project and its achievements to date to an audience of smart water network professionals.

The “Smart Water Systems” Conference was held in London 28th-29th April 2014 and attracted over 50 professionals from UK and around the world. Representatives from organisations such as Frost & Sullivan, Sensus and Energy Saving Trust gave an overview of the global smart water metering market, the benefits of smart water systems and smart water at home. This was followed by water utilities, including Thames Water, Scottish Water, Southern Water, EPAL (Lisbon) and Vitens, presenting about their implementation or plans to implement smart water systems. The iWIDGET presentation was received well and a number of potential contacts for further networking and collaboration have been established.

iWIDGET Newsletter - Issue 1

Download the iWIDGET Newsletter here