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iWIDGET and ICT4Water at ICT2015 in Lisbon in October

iWIDGET and the ICT4Water cluster will be taking part in the ICT2015 Conference and Exhibition in Lisbon in October.

The ICT 2015 Conference will present the new Commission policies and initiatives with regard to Research and Innovation in ICT, Excellent Science and Societal Challenges. It will focus on how we can "Innovate, Connect and Transform" the Digital Society. For details on the conference programme, click here.

The interactive exhibition will dynamically showcase the best-in-class results of the existing European ICT Research & Innovation (from FP7, CIP and H2020 programmes), presenting very advanced research, future visions and being a showcase for activities with a high potential impact on the European industry, competitiveness and the future life and well-being of European citizens. Details of the exhibition can be found here.

In addition to this, ICT 2015 provides and creates many networking opportunities for participants. Networking sessions, Face2Face meetings, networking booths and “cosy corners” to sit and meet. The aim is to allow all participants to discuss and debate various ICT subjects in formal or informal ways, but also to find business partners. The networking programme is available here.

Find the iWIDGET project and the ICT4Water cluster at the off-site exhibition, and at the networking session "Smart Water for the Smart City and the IoT".

iWIDGET and ICT4Water at CCWI

Dragan presenting at CCWI iWIDGET and the ICT4Water cluster were at CCWI in Leicester on 2nd - 4th September.

The ICT4Water Special Standards Session

The 13th Computer Control for Water Industry (CCWI2015) conference was  organised this year by De Montfort University in collaboration with the University of Exeter and the University of Sheffield.

The CCWI conference series brings together researchers and water practitioners with an interest in current challenges and solutions for the water industry. This unique event has objectives to bridge theoretical and applied research and share the best practice across the world water industry.

The topics of interest are broad, ranging from: water engineering solutions for smart, liveable and sustainable cities; modelling, optimization and decision support for clean and wastewater systems; data management including GIS, SCADA and cyber security issues. The main focus of the conference is on water supply and urban drainage systems including technological, economic and social aspects.

A number of iWIDGET and ICT4Water presentations were made and a special session on Standards was held on the 3rd September.

For more information about CCWI, click here.


iWIDGET newsletter - Issue 3

Download the iWIDGET newsletter (Issue 3) here.

iWIDGET at IAHR in June

The 36th IAHR (International Association for Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research) World Congress takes place in The Hague, the Netherlands,  from June 28th to July 3rd 2015.
A special ICT4Water session, ‘EU projects for ICT and WATER’, will take place on 2nd July 2015.

Visit the IAHR website for more details:

iWIDGET is at SWAN next week!

The iWIDGET project and the ICT4Water cluster are both being represented at the 5th Annual SWAN Conference ("Smart Water: The time is now!"). The conference runs from the 29th to 30th April in London. For full details visit the SWAN website.