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iWIDGET Portuguese Stakeholders’ Workshop – February 2013

iiWIDGET Portuguese Stakeholder WorkshopA Portuguese stakeholder workshop was held at the LNEC Campus in Lisbon on 28th February 2013, with the aim of further developing the use cases associated with iWIDGET Work Package 1. The ranking of these proposed use cases was carried out with the contributions of two different target audiences - the project partners and a group of selected societal and professional stakeholders. The 25 participant stakeholders were distributed in five heterogeneous groups and asked to work together on various tasks. The workshop discussion was led by LNEC and included the contribution of AGS (iWIDGET partner). The contribution of the stakeholders in the evaluation of these use cases proved to be particularly helpful as it highlighted some important issues on the use of smart meters in urban water services, which are now being considered in the work package plans. Thank you to all those who contributed.