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Waterwise Evaluation Master Class Event - May 2013

iWIDGET partner, Waterwise have put together a guide to help water companies evaluate any water-related interventions, outlining different ways in which interventions can be evaluated (e.g. focus groups, surveys etc.). As part of their Evaluation Master class, Waterwise, held an event on the 23rd May at their offices in London. There were a number of participants, including representatives from Waterwise, Ofwat, Anglian Water, University of Exeter (another iWIDGET partner), Defra, Living Streets, UCL, The National Social  Marketing Centre and BPSR.

The goal of the event was to provide an overview of surveys and Case study evaluations. There were some very thought-provoking  presentations, which encouraged participant interaction and resulted in some interesting question and answer sessions.

The  topics covered were:

  • Evaluating water efficiency initiatives: Why bother?
  • Evaluating water efficiency initiatives: A water company’s perspective
  • Planning your evaluation: Key considerations
  • Beyond water meter data: An interactive session on using questionnaires and other customer feedback in evaluation
  • Beyond surveys: An interactive session on using interviews and focus groups in evaluation
  • Case study: Evaluating educational activities in schools, experience from sustainable transport  
  • Case study: Evaluating campaigns, experience from the health sector
  • Ideas for low-cost and low-effort approaches to evaluation
  • Evaluating robustly: What does that mean?
  • What for? How to make use of your evaluation results