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-          Location: South England

-          Sample size: 1500

-          Daily consumption data provided for all households

-          15 minute consumption data for 20 households

-          Regular customer feedback throughout trial

Case Study Description

The UK case study is located in the South of England within Southern Waters supply area which covers; Kent, Sussex, Hampshire and Isle of Wight. The south of England is one of high water stress due to high population density and consumption levels.

Of the 4, 000, 000 customers Southern Water cover, the case study will consist of 1500 households selected to form a representative sample including a control group to help establish whether the iWIDGET system assisted with a reduction in household consumption. Daily readings from Southern Waters AMR meters will be recorded and fed into the iWIDGET system in order to provide the customers with regular information about their consumption. In order to provide higher resolution data, a volunteer sample of 20 households will have a meter mimic installed, this will allow customers to see data recorded at 15 minute intervals. 

The trial will take a bottom up and autonomous approach.  The customers will be provided with the means to log into the system, but it is entirely at the discretion of the user to log and use the iWIDGET system, this trial represents a ‘real world’ scenario. Throughout the trial customer feedback is an important element; in order to receive this an online forum will be conducted as well as a focus group once the trial has commenced.

The trial will commence in September 2014 and will last for the duration of a year.