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Work Package 2: Research and Development of iWIDGET Systems

Overall Work Package Lead Partner: IBM
Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Work Package 2 Objectives:

  1. To research and develop the iWIDGET system for integrated water resource management, making best use of smart meter data at the household level, according to the business case and technical requirements developed in WP1, including:
    • Consumer metering, data management and analytics.
    • Consumer and water usage profiling, including technical and socio-demographic analyses, individual and social characteristics regarding water use and conservation, and water-energy metering nexus.
    • Supplier data management and analytics.
    • Integration of the consumer-side and supplier-side generated information
  2. For the iWIDGET components where existing technology cannot meet the requirements identified in WP1, to research and develop alternative approaches.
  3. For the iWIDGET components where efficient state-of-the-art technology exists, to integrate the existing technology with the iWIDGET system.
  4. To integrate the developed iWIDGET components with each other for a holistic solution to integrated water resource management across the supply-demand network.
  5. To develop prototypes of the iWIDGET components and their integration (for both water utilities and end users), and a working prototype of the iWIDGET entire system suitable for use in the trials.

Task List:

Task 2.1: Conceptual design and high-level architecture
Task 2.2: Identification of existing technological components
Task 2.3: iWIDGET large-scale data management component
Task 2.4: Household iWIDGET analytics component
Task 2.5: Supplier-side iWIDGET analytics component
Task 2.6: Supplier-side household interventions iWIDGET component
Task 2.7: Supplier-side operations planning and long term system planning iWIDGET component
Task 2.8: Working prototype of the iWIDGET system