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Work Package 3: Implementation and validation of the iWIDGET systems

Overall Work Package Lead Partner: University of Exeter
Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Work Package 3 Objectives:

The aim of this WP is to design and carry out real life full scale testing of the iWIDGET systems (prototype developed in WP2), in close collaboration with households and utility stakeholders by implementing iWIDGET systems at household and utility level where it is possible. The iWIDGET DSS will be installed in households in two case studies and their corresponding real life operational water distribution systems (utilities). The project partners (UNEXE, LNEC, Waterwise, HRW) will provide training and support to the end-users for the duration of the tests. The outcome of this WP will serve as input for WP4 (evaluation). In order to achieve this aim, the WP will engage the households and the water utilities, taking into consideration their requirements (link to WP1). It will carry out the design of the in situ experiments, which are to take place in two modes, off-line and on-line (real time). During the off-line simulation, the functionality of iWIDGET will be tested using historical data provided by the local stakeholders. For the real-time on-line testing, iWIDGET will be implemented in households and utilities, and will run for one year. During this period data will be collected, which will be subsequently used for review and evaluation in WP4. The WP will also produce full documentation of the off-line and on-line experiments (testing) as output.

Using the prototypes from WP2 and working with WP4, the objectives of this work package are:

  • To engage successfully with the stakeholders (households and utilities) to present iWIDGET’s main functions; explain methodology adopted to implement it and facilitate their cooperation
  • To implement iWIDGET systems at the two test case studies households and water utilities
  • To simulate the iWIDGET system off-line under full scale and full load conditions using historic data in order to test its technical and commercial performance
  • To design and carry out the long term real-time monitoring of the prototype, by running iWIDGET in two real-time case studies (operational environments) for one year and undertake validation of the iWIDGET system.

Task List:

Task 3.1: Engage with the householders and utilities at the case study sites
Task 3.2: Design the off-line testing and validation of the iWIDGET systems
Task 3.3: iWIDGET off-line tests and validation
Task 3.4: Design the real-life validations
Task 3.5: Organise and conduct the real-time monitoring of iWIDGET for one year