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Work Package 5: Exploitation Planning, and Partnership Building

Overall Work Package Lead Partner: UPL
Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Work Package 5 Objectives:

  • To work with WP1 and WP2 on the commercial requirements that the iWIDGET concept must satisfy in order for it to be commercially viable and capable of achieving the impacts sought by the EC
  • Based on the results of WP4, to develop a business plan for the commercialisation and roll out of iWIDGET
  • To establish partnership(s) between European water distributors, water management equipment suppliers and the ICT sector to enable the exploitation of the results within and beyond the consortium
  • To research and develop an exploitation plan beyond the consortium partners.

Task List:

Task 5.1: Provide commercial input into the requirements for WP1 and the concept and Design of iWIDGET in WP2
Task 5.2: Develop an exploitation plan and establish partnerships
Task 5.3: Develop the iWIDGET business plan for further exploitation